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Folks on the trans and multiple spectrums

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Inspired by an innocent little question from a longstanding and much-loved member of the trans community, this is a place for folks who stand anywhere on the trans and multiple spectrums (well - stand, sit, dance, or roll around).

Play nice, respect each other, et cetera. This community is not currently moderated and does not currently have any real rules, but members are encouraged not to judge each other or themselves - and when we fail at this, members are encouraged to respond with compassion for themselves and others.

If you don't understand what being multiple is, you might start here or check out a glossary here; if you don't understand words like transsexual, transgendered, and genderqueer, you might... go play with Google for a while :)

If you are interested in other resources, we can suggest:
  • Sphere, a genderqueer/trans listserv with many members who are multiple;
  • DP, a multiple listserv with many members who are trans;
  • MPD_and_gender, a listerv that's actually for trans multiples;
  • multiplicity, one multiple-oriented lj community here which also has trans users, and
  • plural_living, another which was founded by members of a trans multiple system, and
  • plural_angels, which welcomes trans folks; and of course there are any number of trans-oriented groups on livejournal such as:
  • transnews;
  • genderoutlaws;
  • bigender;
  • disabledtrans;
  • ftm_in_the_arts;
  • mtf;
  • trans_poc;
  • transfeminism;
  • transyouth;
    and now, us.