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we're just going to copy our intro from gb_guys because it's the same thing really!

So yeah, this is an intro of sorts, from the guys (or non-females anyway) in our female bodied system (oh the horrors).

I'm Quinn, the one of us that most people end up getting to know, because I front the most. For, well, pretty much forever I identified as female, but then that all got mixed up, and I changed and stuff, and to cut a long story short essentially I transitioned in the inside body. Now, I have binders and packys (that don't get worn a lot, because we live with the body's parents). I'm quite a femme guy, as they go, but I'm not sure that thet's important, because I am a guy.
Recently, I came out to my closest online friends as multiple and trans, and they took it really well (or, those that have replied did).
We're planning to take the body at least partway through transition (a low dose of T, double mastectomy, but probably neither medio nor phalloplasty. So yeah, hey y'all
The next guy to get to this will probably be Danny...yup
yo guys
im danny, and im 19, like, one of the oldest blokes in here. i dont front much because i dont look at all like the girl that we are meant to, like, i use the body my way not someone elses.
i wear the binders and shit obviously, and im the only one that passes consistantly as male because of my attitude and all that bull.
im engaged inside to the beautiful Amy, whos my autistic fiancee. everyone thinks thats bloody hilarious because i dont come across as sensitive but i love her to hell and back. i was the first guy to take front that we know of ebcause like, we only found out about the multiplicity a year ago, so yeh.
take care

I am unsure how much relevance there is in my being here, as I am not male, but I am also distinctively non-female, and am hence hoping there is a space for somebody who is neutrois here. My name is  Ren e am'K'te, khe'en e K'be te'mai'i, amir e K'be e am'K'be. Amir e Alana e K'be te'ma'i, although I am known as 'Ren' to friends, and tend to leave informal introductions with that name. Inside, my body is free of all primary and secondary sexual characteristics, although externally, I have to cope with the breasts. The reason for me being unable to wear the binding shirt is due to my interests. I am a dancer and a martial artist, and the top tends to restrict my movement excessively. Ash is requesting that I stop here, for fear of my introduction becoming too verbose.

Hey, I'm Ash. I'm like, well, I was the male counterpart to Quinn, before Quinn became male, so now we both are I guess. I'm quite a chilled out guy, I tend to hang around near front and snark at Quinn.

My name is Geoff, and I am the 'father' of this group. I am thirty-four years old.
I am more a parent to Ren, Taen, Nord and Carn than anybody else, but I care deeply for everybody in our group.
I am probably the most relaxed about the body, it makes no odds to me how it appears, I am still a man where it matters. Therefore, I will probably rarely post for myself here.

My name is Carn and I'm a boy and I'm twelve.
I don't use the body much because I have a family inside but I wanted to join here because there are boys here and I get bored of not being treated like a boy when I am. I like running around and cars, but they are scary becase we don't have cars in k'be. I don't know what to say so I'm going to go.
See you laters alligators

So yeah, they've finally got around to us, Taen and Nord
We're a couple and we don't do anything apart, even if Nord is a kid
hey, I'm 15, that's enough, crumbly

Anyway, we're both boys, and kids of Geoff's. I'm 17 by the way
I'm still the top though
Fuck off

-Q- I've kicked them out of front for now, they love each other really

After all that, god, there are a few of us that might appear huh, we thought we'd mention something. We run a forum with an attached chatroom for multiple groups (the chat is pretty active, the forum quieter) and more guys would definately be welcome if you felt like coming.
Let us know if the plug is innappropriate
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