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Intro and Question

Hi I'm Matt and now feel like I am at some kind of support meeting or something...

Anyways. Our body is 34 and we range anywhere from 4 to 38 or so and gay to straight to bi. We think there is about 18 of us. Some not of this world. Matt the host is 25 and is living as him self as a man making us a FTM.

We have all sorts of parts and wanted to know if others let their parts run around on LJ? Some of the guys are really digging the FTM personal community. What are your thoughts.

Oh yah we are now legally married to a women that supports us mentally and we really don't wont to betray her

The Quorum
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Surely it is up to them, and whether or not they wish to set up accounts?



July 22 2008, 14:41:39 UTC 9 years ago

Many multiples allow the persons within their systems a modicum of freedom
within certain agreements.

With respect to your wife i would discuss it with her carefully to make sure
she understands what you want. I have a wonderful partner of 11 years who i love dearly. We have been through thick and thin. She also allows me to date. This is called polyamory ;-)
I don't think she will understand my needs. And if I ask it might create a riff I can't fix.