May 20th, 2005

hi and and an introduction.

hi. we go by storyteller as a system. we stopped counting at about 220, there are many many more than that. so, we run the gamut on everything from age to gender to religion, to interests, etc. the youngest boy we met so far is about 6, and the oldest is 34. my parnter and i, coginthenose, and i were asked to speak at a beyond binaries class a few years ago.

The following is a piece taken from the intro paragraph about us that we wrote for a transgendered speaking panel we took part in for that class
Storyteller is. At least most of the time.

Storyteller is a collection of complementary and at times oppositional realities.

Storyteller is a short, fat, poly, kinky, pagan, disabled multiple survivor and
semi-androgenous bisexual country dyke.

Storyteller is a lot of other things that don't fit into nice simple lables and

Storyteller's gender is somewhat fluid, though it tends to stay relatively
mid-range. When they put a lable to it, they tend to feel that fairly
androgenous with a tendency towred the feminine, probably comes close.
Socially and politically they tend to identify strongly as a woman.
Physical presentation probably comes close to a soft butch, at least most
of the time. Except for the hair, which is probably low femme. Energetic
presentation tends to be closer to androgenous than feminine. Internal
gender perception is...well...complicated. Pronoun preference is almost
universally for she/her etc. (or "they" for people who know and understand
about the multiplicity.)

And of course, there are times when almost none of that applies.


if anyone wants to read our journal, you're welcome to, just be warned it often really intense.

we are disabled. we have fibromyalgia as well as lyme disease with 2 or 3 co-infections, so we have very very little enrgy. so please don't be offended if i don't post or reply much. we're in bed most of the time. speaking of which, we should go back there now.

oh, usually we will sign storyteller and if someone specific wants to sighn, they do it in a () afterward.

i hope this made sense. i'm glad this group is here and hope people feel safe haere.

take care all,
storyteller (jasmine, lori,ella, troy, and others)
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